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Mark Ontoy

Creative Director and Digital Marketer

BKMRK was launched back in 2011 as a Personal Blog by Mark Ontoy. BKMRK has been able to establish its online presence using different social media platforms covering different topics about Life and Style - Art, Events, Fashion, Food and Travel. In 2015, BKMRK evolved to be the source of your creative needs from Creative Direction, Design, Digital Marketing, Photography and Visuals.

Mark Ontoy is a Creative Director, Digital Marketer, and founder of BKMRK based in the Philippines. He graduated AB Multimedia Arts at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde — specializing in Creative Direction, Design, Digital Marketing, Digital and Traditional Mixed Media, Photography, and Visuals.

He has worked with different agencies and companies inside and outside of the country including A' Design Award and Competition (Italy), AMON Restaurant (Slovenia), Clearwater Barn (White Plains, Georgia), Eighty-Five Carpentry (United Kingdom), ENERGIE (Philippines), Fit Investment Solutions (Australia), Hearty Apetite (Bulgaria), HISTOPIXEL (Poland), Jaimie Abbott Communications (Australia), Joco Comendador Footwear, Jollibee, Manila FAME, Marks & Spencer (Philippines), MEMO, MicroscopeIT (Poland), MISS SIXTY (Philippines), PLDT & Microsoft, PREVENTECH (Kentucky), Professional Baseball Players Association (Arizona), SMART Communications, STRATACON (Australia), Stratworks Marketing Communications, UNIQLO (Philippines), UP JMA, VAIZA Collection (Minneapolis) and ZALORA (Philippines).

Mark is very keen and passionate in his field, he loves exploring and trying new things.


Multimedia Arts Festival: REFRAMED 2014 | Exhibitor & Publicity Team, November 2014